Hi, I'm Chris. Let's chat.

I've been around the block, from Web development to data center engineering... and I play well with others. My favorite tools help me automate, and I love getting my hands dirty.


I've had the pleasure of working at amazing companies such as Facebook, and the PlayStation division at Sony. I currently work with Chef and other DevOps tools as one of the founders of FumiWare, and as a senior sysadmin at Crunchyroll.


I live and work in San Francisco, on the other side of a big red bridge from where I grew up. I love cats, technology, music games, and hiking to the top of waterfalls. My minute of fame is in a YouTube video that's been watched over 4 million times, and I recently finished training myself to run 26.2 miles.


Contact me on LinkedIn to discuss career opportunities, but please mention how you found me.